What began as a family-owned business has grown into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fiberglass recreational products. But one thing hasn’t changed: At Four Winns, boating is (still) a family business. Our employees, many of whom have been with the company for 10, 15, 20 or more years, are our most precious asset. Everything we do, every boat we build, every program we offer, is designed to help you and your family enjoy boating to its fullest.

Four Winns understands that your free time is the most precious of all. That’s why we build boats that perform beyond your expectations … boats that have premium content and components you’d choose if you could – boats that will last as long as the memories you’re making.

Why Four Winns

Custom Appearance

With a Four Winns you're making a statement. Through ample color choices and amenities to choose from, throughout various different models, you can truly make any Four Winns boat your own.
Make a statement on the water.

Stable-Vee® Hull

Patented running surface that is still the best in the business.

The Stable-Vee® running surface - an innovation that turned the industry upside down in 1993 - is still the best thing running. So simple ... so effective ... Four Winns continues to have some of the smoothest running, best handling boats in the world.


Better boating begins with a better trailer.

Four Winns® is one of the few recreational boat manufacturers in the world to make its own custom-matched, all-welded trailer. The difference lies in how easily the boat can be launched and loaded, plus, it provides great stability while towing. It's a difference you'll appreciate every time you're at a crowded marina or launch, and it's a Four Winns exclusive, which means it's truly priceless.

Thoughtful Design

Innovation and craftsmanship elevate your experience.

When you step aboard a Four Winns you'll notice a collection of innovative designs and keen attention to detail, elevating your boating experience. Unique features and quality craftsmanship combine in unison for unmatched quality and value.


A wide range of engine configurations and power ratings. Power is choice.

Four Winns is proud to offer a vast selection of both sterndrive and outboard power. With multiple brands and horsepower to choose from, how you power your boat is a personal choice.


The Winning Edge Protection Plan gives you peace of mind.

The Four Winns brand has been building boats for more than 40 years. During that time, we've developed a reputation for doing the little things right. For our owners, that translates into many years of hassle-free boating. When the time comes to trade up your Four Winns, the warranty is transferable* resulting in higher resale values.